Saint-Gobain Ecophon manufactures and supplies market leading acoustic ceilings and wall panels that contribute to a better working environment wherever people work and communicate. Ecophon’s systems are designed to optimise a room’s acoustics, but also to appeal visually. The company believes that any room should soothe the eye, the ear, and the mind, and that the systems used should support a healthy indoor environment.

Ecophon’s ceiling and wall panel systems offer a design solution for almost any application. The company’s focus is on improving room acoustics within offices, education facilities, healthcare environments, retail spaces and industrial manufacturing premises. The systems that they manufacture enhance both end users’ performance and their wellbeing, through reducing stress from excess noise and improving the ease of communication. Ecophon maintains an on-going dialogue with government agencies, organisations and research institutes, and is involved in formulating national standards in the field of room acoustics, to make sure they remain at the forefront of room acoustic comfort.

Guided by a vision of earning global leadership in room acoustic comfort through the design and manufacture of sound-absorbing systems, Ecophon’s manufacture is amongst the most modern in the industry. They deliver effective, durable solutions that deliver a high quality finish and of course, optimal acoustics. Ecophon is actively committed to sustainability, using green energy wherever possible and maintains a carbon neutral business within the UK and Ireland. Ecophon’s systems use glass wool based on up to 70% recycled glass, with a plant based binder. The use of this unique lightweight, high strength core also means that the VOC emissions of the panel meets the highest indoor air quality standards in the world.

Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain Group. Saint-Gobain is present in 67 countries with more than 179 000 employees. The Group mobilizes its companies’ expertise and provides a range of solutions for buildings that are comfortable, more energy efficient and more pleasant to live every day. Its high-performance materials are also found on industrial and consumer markets, such as the automotive, construction, aeronautical, health and energy industries.

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