Led Sky Ceilings

Led Sky Ceilings original business focus was to provide a more relaxed and less stressful ambiance in clinical settings. As people began to see the potential for this technology, sky ceilings and wall panels have now been adopted by many different business sectors. Healthcare “led” the way and now Retail, Hotel, Leisure, Education and Commercial premises have adopted this novel product. Over 1,500 businesses in Europe and the Middle East have now installed sky panels. Every workplace can now enjoy crystal-clear images in an ultra-thin LED panel at an affordable price. With our cloud ceilings, shoppers, patients, students, clients and staff can all benefit from a relaxed atmosphere with visually attractive sky images in their work environment.

Simulating daylight

Introducing sky panels to you current ceiling will simulate daylight coming through a window. Our LED panels employ realistic high-resolution pictures which can be selected from our extensive catalogue or can be manufactured with your own favourite image. We can transform the mood in any chosen setting. Staff will really feel the relaxation of working outside, Patients will feel the stress free relaxation induced by looking into a clear blue sky, conference delegates will be energized by the impressive ambiance and shoppers will be blown away by the refreshing new surroundings. The color temperature of our light matches true daylight and the cleverly recessed panel simulates a traditional window frame making it appear that you are actually looking through a very real window. Everyone will enjoy and benefit from this positive experience of daylight even though they are inside.

Simple to Install

Fitting the panels couldn’t be easier. They can be incorporated into any standard suspended ceiling. They come in the standard ceiling tile size of 60cm by 60cm. Other sizes can be ordered (60cm x 120cm or 120cm by 120cm) depending on the required effect – we can help advise you on what works best. If you need customized sizes we can manufacture to your specifications. If your ceiling isn’t made from suspended tiles don’t worry as we have alternative bracket fittings for most surfaces. The panels can also be hung vertically to achieve a wall window effect. The impact can be further manipulated with the dimmable controllers. Installation can be done by any ceiling fitter or competent electrician. Alternatively we can organize the installation for you.

Photo Art

We have developed an ultra-thin frame to support wall art. You can bring a plain wall to life by choosing a picture our brochure or www.shutterstock.com . Alternatively provide your own favorite. The sizes can be up to 300cm by 120cm and the wall art will have all the lighting characteristics of our Sky Ceilings.

Easy to acquire

From placement of your order we will delivery to your site within four weeks
All components enjoy a full two year warranty.

Commercial Interior Supplies can provide all your requirements and local technical support on (+353) 1 912 1160 or sales@cisltd.ie