Cembrit is one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of fibre-cement products in Europe. Cembrit boards are exceptionally thin and lightweight in relation to their strength and have a remarkable resilience to almost all external conditions and impacts. Due to their alkali nature Cembrit boards are resistant to both rot and fungal growth and can withstand considerable fluctuations in weather and climate conditions. In addition to this, the Cembrit Windstopper board is A2 non-combustible tested under EN 13501-1 A2-sl, d0.

When installed according to Cembrit’s installation instructions, Cembrit Windstopper Basic will function as a temporary facade for 6 months and Windstopper Extreme for 12 months. Fire tests have been conducted in conjunction with SFS metal for 60/60 minutes and 90/90 minutes under BS EN 1364-1:2015. This combination of lightness and strength enables architects, designers and engineers of all types of building structures to rewrite some of the basic equations for what is possible in the terms of the outer envelope whether vertical, horizontal or sloped, outdoor or indoor. Cembrit Windstopper Basic and Extreme sheathing boards have a very low vapour transmission resistance which enables moisture from inside the building to pass through. In consequence, insulation can be placed directly against the inner side of the board. Cembrit offer full site support to specifiers, architects and contractors on the full Cembrit product range which is available through Commercial Interior Supplies Ltd.

Commercial Interior Supplies can provide all your requirements and local technical support on (+353) 1 912 1160 or sales@cisltd.ie