Vogl Ceiling Systems is a German manufacturer of plasterboard based acoustic ceilings systems. Since the company origins are in tool and machine manufacture, Vogl perfected the process for the punch perforating of plasterboard. Vogl now set the benchmarks for quality, accuracy of fit and safety of processing of perforated plasterboard ceilings and remain committed to continuing innovation and precision.

Bringing together the best of their engineering know how, Vogl Ceiling Systems offers a revolutionary system of perforated seamless ceiling linings. The design of this product allows for circular, square and slotted perforations to be used in a continuous pattern to achieve a seamless look right across your ceiling. Whether you have a long narrow walkway or a vast open auditorium, the Vogl range will give you the perfect acoustics for your area, and create a unique aesthetic that is new, bold and innovative.

Vogl also offer the Vogl Toptec acoustic plaster system, also with up to Class A sound absorption, annoying reverb sounds are silenced. Open-plan offices, conference rooms and schools all need ceiling systems that reduce sound and to which various acoustic plasters can be applied. To improve the absorptive behaviour of ceilings, Vogl offers a range of outstanding acoustic plaster systems. A drywall construction company can apply Vogl Toptec Akustik Nano SF (white) plaster with a fine textured finish, while Vogl Toptec Akustik Colour is available in all RAL colours. All system components from Vogl are perfectly matched to each other, so every project can improve its form, colour, function and efficiency.

Vogl also offer bespoke solutions in its 3D range of plasterboard or in GRG. Acoustics, Design, Illumination, Climate control, all form part of Vogl range of high-quality solutions for Architects, interior designers and contractors, that won’t break the bank.

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