Armstrong Ceiling Solutions is a true pioneer of ceiling, wall and suspension systems. From its relatively humble beginnings as a mineral tile manufacturer 150 years ago, it has evolved into the world’s leading, and most innovative, designer and supplier. “Leading” due to its unparalleled pedigree in “Inspiring great spaces” and “most innovative” due to the evolution of its portfolio which now enables the business to offer 30-year warranties for integrated systems.

A focus from the beginning on acoustics has resulted in Armstrong achieving expert status on this subject alone but occupant well-being was always a priority, long before it became a contemporary buzz word. Armstrong now offers specialist applications for bacterial, humidity, fire and seismic-resistance as well as services integration to ensure optimal occupant comfort as well as ease of maintenance.

Armstrong was also the first mineral ceiling tile manufacturer in Europe to achieve the ultimate in green certification – Cradle to Cradle™ status – while its tiles’ high light reflectance also helps with sustainability by reducing a building’s requirement for artificial light. All of these functional achievements have been realised alongside a ceiling’s form, with a focus on a ceiling’s aesthetics resulting in a multitude of materials on offer, ranging from metal, mesh metal and wood, and canopy, baffled and wall systems.

Armstrong also pioneered ceiling recycling schemes in the UK in 2003 and is still the only UK manufacturer to offer this service for ALL ceiling tiles, not just its own, and to contractors for free. That’s putting its money where its mouth is.

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