It began for OWA more than 70 years ago in northern bavaria with 60 employees. Today, our brand is synonymous with suspended ceiling systems. Over the intervening years, our marketing activities reached far beyond the borders of Europe. Worldwide, we stand for reliability, partnership, sustainability and quality within the construction supply industry and beyond.

Our family owned business was founded in 1948 by Friedrich-Karl Rogge. Since then we have been striving for long-term, sustainable growth. Values such as reliability, partnership and trust play a central role – within our organisation and in cooperation with our partners in the market. The peculiarity of OWA ceilings An essential feature of our products and services is the combination of variety and individuality. Experience the advantages of our mineral ceiling systems to create enjoyable spaces. Excellent acoustics for unforgettable experiences Due to the acoustical benefit of our mineral ceilings, room acoustics can be tailored for different needs. Sound absorption and sound reflection can be mixed to create the best possible ambience.

Our systems diversity meets highest expectations The variety of surfaces, edge designs, profiles and lighting systems enable the realisation of the most individual technical and creative customer requirements. Individual adaption on-site Due to the high density, our mineral ceilings facilitate edge adaptions on-site. Together with our customers. we develop impressive rooms. Sustainable & healthy Our environmentally friendly mineral ceilings promote health and wellbeing. Thanks to OWA green circle, our mineral ceilings have been 100% recyclable since 1997. Effective fire protection – surely a good feeling It is reassuring to know that OWA ceilings offer a high resistance to fire. Buildings, escape routes and human lives are well protected in the event of fire.
Clean surfaces – over a long period of time

The low air permeability of the mineral ceiling prevents the absorption of dirt particles. As a result, our panels remain clean and white for many years. Effective absorption – for a pleasant atmosphere With individually configurable absorption values, OWA ceilings improve room acoustics accross the entire spectrum of frequencies. Our mineral ceilings absorb noise and prevent from stress before it arises.

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